Referrals grow businesses.

But only when they remember your name.

See how HomeBinder works
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Home Service Providers

Join over


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Satisfied Homeowners

Supporting over

only 10%
of clients remember their agent’s name
after  2 years.

Just leaving a business card behind
is not enough.

A new, lasting way to market
to homeowners.

A bottle of wine is
great, but it’s

easily consumed.

A gift card is
appreciated, but it

won’t last long.

A calendar is
useful, but it will

eventually expire.

Maintenance reminders prompt
the homeowner to remember you, regularly.

A gentle nudge from an agnostic, independent source reminds a homeowner to take care of their home.
It can also increase your client base each year.

Repeat customers leave happier reviews, which has a multiplying effect.

Let’s talk integration
and automation.

HomeBinder works seamlessly with the transaction platforms you already use.

Get higher market values!

HomeBinder Seller Reports™ helped a REALTOR® attain higher market values for 100% of her listings! Read the FREE case study.

The gift that makes you agent of record.

Be remembered when the homeowner goes to sell, with the gift that is…


Quick implementable tips on marketing your business using technology.


Searchable advice and videos to help you get the most out of HomeBinder.


Stay current on a variety of home topics by following our blog.

A memorable gift that
can actually lead to future sales.

Data shows that your sales volume is highly impacted by
previous clients. Don’t let them forget you.

Close the loop...
for the homeowner, yourself, and your team.

Lack of information…
costs them money.
Loss of

costs you referrals.
Decentralized information…
costs inventory.

Optimize your integrations…

Learn the top 5 ways to ensure that your software is working for you, and the business flow of your brokerage. Absolutely free!

The digital platform your key demographics will love.

I do everything online,
and this fits my
comfort zone….


It’s the era of KonMari.
I’m saving everything to
the cloud…this just really works for me.


I love that my binder is populated by the home pros. The info is captured, with no work on my end!

—Baby Boomer

Lighten your workload,
with everything in one place.

Easily locate
every document.

One central location ensures the inspection report or closing docs won’t get lost in a sea of email or texts

Store ALL your

Reduce the volume of calls and
texts you get, while still highlighting how well-connected you are.

Updated contact info?
Not a problem.

If you get a new business logo,
you can seamlessly update the branding across all your binders.

Help your brokerage stay ahead of 5 key challenges.


Non-traditional market competition
HomeBinder is a lasting gift, to help you stand out.


Keeping up with technology
HomeBinder integrates into many existing transaction platforms you already use.


Recruiting younger agents
HomeBinder speaks to millennials—homeowners
and employees.


Agent retention
HomeBinder is automated marketing that will make their jobs easier.


Liability in a digital world
HomeBinder keeps documents secure and private.

Source:  “2019 Profile of Real Estate Firms,” National Association of REALTORS® (March 6, 2019)

Go beyond the MLS.

Typical “bed/bath/square footage” doesn’t really showcase a house.

Your Listings

Use HomeBinder reports to
highlight the unique home
information that buyers
love to see.

Appraisal Values

HomeBinder reports help
contextualize the value of
home improvements and
regular maintenance.

With No
Additional Work

Enter the sellers name, email
and address, and an online wizard
will guide them through a detailed summary of their home.

Give buyers what they really want.

Stand out with HomeBinder.

…only 10% of clients remember agents
names after 2 years,
this helps!”

—Susan, MA, Agent

…the most interesting service I’ve ever
seen an inspector provide…”

—Jonathan, GA, Agent

Clients love this…
so glad my
branding is on
all of the emails…”

—Theresa, CO, Agent

The least expensive way to grow.

We want to see you succeed. That’s why we have a flat monthly fee, starting at $49/mo for a single agent. Contact us for more information, or bulk pricing.

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